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Writing is my passion, obsession, hobby - whatever you'd like to call it. I started writing my first book at nineteen and am still going strong more than a decade later. If you read one of my books I'd love to hear from you!

These are my posts related to my writing experience...

Girls' World Magazine, Part Five
Girls' World Magazine, Part Four
Girls' World Magazine, Fall Issue
Girls' World Magazine
It's Spring & I'm Writing
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Cupcakes & Couture
A City Girl's Guide To Life
Kissing Frogs
Kissing Frogs Cover Reveal
Kissing Frogs Totes
Book Groups
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A Conversation With My Cat
And I Keep On Editing
Editing - My Writing Insecurities
Manuscript Roundtable
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First Draft... Done
I Want To Hold Your Hand - Playlist
Book Birthday - IWTHYH
My Writing Process Blog Tour
In Bookstores
Sitting In On A Book Group
Review By Kelli
Oh Mother
A Little Thing Called Grammar
Guest Post Over At Silver Inked Sky
Smashwords Uploaded
Thank You's
Begging For Bloggers
I Want To Hold Your Hand
Writing With A Deadline
The Girl Who Cried Agent
Summer At Nineteen - A Reader's Response
Book Three, First Draft... Done
A Little Secret
154,000 Words, Give Or Take
Query, Query, Response, Oh My
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Wednesday Finds Me Holding My Breath
The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow
Book 2 Comes To An Official Close
Procrastination Part Deux & Book 3
On To The Edit
My Very First Book Signing
An Introduction

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