Friday, June 6, 2014

I Want To Hold Your Hand - Playlist

I was listening to my ipod the other day and a song came on that I hadn't heard in a while and I immediately thought, If there was a soundtrack to my book this song would for sure be on it. So I've decided to share with you a slew of songs that I would expect on a soundtrack for "I Want To Hold Your Hand".

I've Got You Covered - Sugar and the Hi Lows

The Death of Me - City & Colour

Sleeping Sickness - City & Colour

Falling Up - Digby

Moving In You, Moving In Me  - Ron Pope & The District

Dancing - Elisa

Falling Slowly - The Frames

Mad World - Michael Andrews

Fire - Ingrid Michaelson

Everywhere I Go - Lissie

Running Back To You - Matt Wertz

Transatlanticism - Wenzel Templeton & Robert Pegg

Always Remember Me - Ry Cuming, feat. Sara Bareilles

You Only Disappear - Tom McRae

Light Outside - Wakey! Wakey!

Creep - Ingrid Michaelson
* This song played a big role in the writing of the book. I was thinking of the ways in which both Will and Penny feel set apart from other people around them, how they feel like they don't fit in the world around them.

"I Want To Hold Your Hand" was the first of three manuscripts I've written that was created in total silence. Before that I'd always made playlists to listen to on loop while writing. But for some reason this time I knew I needed absolute quiet. There were songs I'd hear throughout the months of writing that definitely struck a chord and shaded my writing though, and they are listed above.

Happy Reading!


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  1. Love that you created a soundtrack. Now when the movie gets produced, this is done!


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