Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Sun & An Interview

Yes, it's 1:00 on Sunday and I'm still in bed. You shouldn't be surprised though, at least it's not 3:00. I assure you, I could have slept that long but I felt with it being sunny beyond my curtains that I should rise and join the living. And I'm so glad I did because I woke up to this! My first interview.
So that makes this lazy sunny Sunday even sunnier. That, and I have a golf tournament tomorrow. Yay! The only bad thing about today is that I have burned the backside of my legs from calf to butt and am in quite a bit of pain. The silly thing is, you'd think after the number of serious sunburns that I've had in my life I would learn that just because it's overcast doesn't mean the sun isn't going to get me. So today's activites basically entail me not moving. But that is fine because I am going to work on book number 3. It's weird to say that, that this is my third book. But it is!
I'm writing this book in a very different way from my first two so today I'm going to send out the first few chunks to my girlfriends and have them see if it works or if I need to scrap that idea and just go back to a normal first person narrative. Here's hoping I don't have to do that!
I hope you all are outside enjoying the sunshine for me!


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