Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday Finds Me Holding My Breath, Again

So there it is again. An email in my inbox that suggests I might be allowed to dream of representation. Am I holding my breath? Of course I am and saying otherwise would be a lie.
I was thinking yesterday (feeling a little down, which for me only lasts about half an hour and then I'm back to my normal uber positive self) that I really shouldn't be so upset about Ms. Agent passing on my manuscript last saturday. Let's think about this seriously and not from my daydreamy perspective. Last Tuesday-Thursday I sent out 37 queries. I heard back from five immediately saying no and then the one maybe followed by my first 3 chapters and then a day later her pass. Since then I have heard from two more no's and now another maybe. Most agents make the diclaimer that if they're not interested they just won't respond (which honestly I think is a policy lacking in manners, but maybe that's just me. I mean you wouldn't receive a party invitation and just not respond, right? You politely decline if you're not interested in going. I think Lit Agents should adopt the same policy.) Now my math is really not up to par but I'm pretty sure I still have 29 agencies that have yet to respond. So sticking with my positive self there's a chance somewhere in there or at least another maybe, if not more than one. And next week I think I'll send out some more queries.
Cross your fingers, your arms, your legs, your everything, for me. I can use all the positive vibes I can get sent my way. I mean something is bound to happen eventually, right? And thank you to Molly and Robby, my extraordinary cheerleading team, for always pumping me up and making me think I can do this if I just keep pushing ahead.


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