Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Staging a Somerville Condo

First, I must apologize because I should have written this weeks ago. So, if you were waiting for these photos (you know who you are), here they are!

A Boston-based realtor reached out through a friend after seeing photos of The Harvard Ranch to see if I'd be interested in staging a 4bed/2bath condo in Somerville. I didn't even have to think about it. Why yes, yes I would very much like to. This condo is so spacious for Somerville. It's the second and third floors of a two-family, gets amazing light all day, and is walking distance to Davis Square or Porter Square. After a fresh paint job I couldn't wait to stage it.


Friday, September 13, 2019

A Coffee Table Redo

Yesterday a friend was looking at desks for his home office. He found one that was the right fit but was complaining that it was the wrong color. So I suggested he just sand it down and stain it the color he wants. I told him it would take two hours, tops. Him: That's way too much work... And then, reconsidering and sizing me up, Would you do it if I paid you $100? No, I most certainly will not, because you can do this on your own. (Sidenote: boys are the worst. Even if they look incredibly handsome in their new glasses.)

I was talking recently with a girlfriend about how people are so complimentary when I post furniture redos on Instagram and she said it's because I give people hope that they can tackle similar projects. And I thought, well that's silly, of course anyone can this. So I'm here today to tell it straight - guys, I don't have a degree in rocket science or furniture restoration (it's actually in Writing). I just try things, hope that they look good, and if they don't I start over. My point being, you just have to want to give something a try. That's it. And nowadays you can find directions for almost anything on the internet.

So anywho, my uncle gave me a coffee table a couple years ago from his basement.


Saturday, August 3, 2019

Making Old Furniture New

Like most college graduates, I couldn't afford furniture. I was gifted items from family and friends, including a dresser that my mom found at a yard sale. It served its purpose but it never quite felt like my style. So recently I bought a new dresser and decided to gift my sister this dresser... once it was fixed up a bit.


Monday, April 22, 2019

The Harvard Ranch: Landscaping

We are nearing one month that the Harvard Ranch has been on the market. So far we've had zero offers, which is, you know, not the best. My dad and I are ready to move on to the next property but we can't do that until this one is sold, and I'll only speak for myself here, but I'm not a patient person. It's something I struggle with daily. 

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