Wednesday, March 18, 2020

The Maynard Cape: These Are Dark Times

These are weird times, are they not? The company I work for has made us all work from home - indefinitely. And while I love being home with my cats, making a legit breakfast instead of grabbing something as I run out the door, I find myself living in my sweatpants and I can't believe I'm about to say this, it feels blasphemous, but I'm kind of over the sweats. I hope you're staying sane, washing your hands, and practicing social distancing. Me, I've been practicing social distancing for decades. I practically have a PhD in it. So I'm actually doing fine. 


Monday, March 9, 2020

Maynard Cape: Floor Guys Are In

I went to the house on Saturday to start grouting and discovered the floor guys were there sanding down the floors. So I went home and came back after they'd finished. I believe they have one more day of sanding to go before they start staining, but already the floors looking brand new. The whole house looks brand new and I'm having all these emotions about selling it. As I do with every house. 

While the floors are being refinished everything has to be out of the house, but a lot of things ended up in the bathroom I meant to grout. So I was only able to grout maybe four feet worth of the floor before I ran out of space. So I moved outside to the trashy addition to the garage. This overhang is made of odds and ends - plywood, metal poles, green plexiglass. So I started removing the plexiglass since it was so nice out (see the flowers already blooming, below) and then moved into the breezeway to tear up the disgusting threadbare carpet in there. Hopefully this week while the floors are being redone, my father will get to work on redoing the breezeway. Both doors need replacing and the wall between the breezeway and garage needs replacing (it's yellow and kind of cardboard-y). So we're getting there. Still a lot to be done but it feels really close.

~ Stephanie


Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Maynard Cape: Back From Vacation

I got back from a little vacation with friends in the early morning hours of Monday, slept for 6 hours, then headed over to the house to do some more tiling. Then, I ran out of tile (TWO TILES SHORT), so I spent a couple hours helping clean up the house and move everything into the basement so that the floor guys can come in and refinish the floors!!!!! There are not enough exclamations points to properly convey my excitement. When the floors get finished it really feels like we're getting to the end, even though there are a ton of smaller things that still need doing. But while the floor guys are in the house we can't really be there, so I quickly snapped two pics to show you the before. New treads are on the stairs and the next time I take this picture they will be stained and beautiful.

And then the living room, which already feels so special (if you just look at the fireplace and above) is going to be stunning when those floors are refinished (look at how dirty they are - but remember that was green shag carpet only two months ago). There currently sits a boxed-up sectional just waiting to go into this room. I cannot wait to stage it. And look at that mantle!

~ Stephanie


Monday, February 24, 2020

The Maynard Cape: Can't See The Forest For The Trees

I feel like a lot happened at the house this weekend and then when I was telling someone about what I spent my time doing all I could think was, "I tiled the bathroom shower." Maybe it's just that a lot had happened while I wasn't there. Like below:


Tuesday, February 18, 2020

The Maynard Cape: Kitchen Slab

Somehow in the excitement of picking out the quartz slab we wanted for our counter tops (probably because we'd never been brought into the back room before and it was overwhelming how many beautiful options they had) I never took a photo. So when we went back this weekend to pay the deposit and schedule the template, I asked to take a second look. So here is the quartz we decided on.

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