Monday, May 3, 2021

Floor Tile

Back in February when we did our initial planning of tile, I found this tile on display at the store. It was more intricate and expensive than any tile I'd worked with before but I knew we needed it for the upstairs bathroom floor. But then when we came back to purchase the big wall tiles it was gone, not on display or in stock. So I started looking for second best tile options, not loving any of them. But then, by some miracle, when we went in yesterday to make a decision it was magically back in stock!

When we got back to the house and my dad explained how I'd have to cut pieces and I realized it would be more intricate than previous tile jobs, I started to question my decision. But now, I'm obsessed. There's still a bunch of pieces that need cutting but those that have been laid down look so good. And the reason I wanted this tile so much is that unlike a lot of mosaic/patterned tile, I don't think this will look outdated in ten years. It'll still be classic and current. I can't wait to grout it (said no one ever) and see how it looks completed.

This house is going to be so hard to part with.

~ Stephanie


Friday, April 30, 2021

Lighting Is In!

I'd just like to start off this post by thanking everyone who made the vaccine possible - scientists, early test subjects, Dolly Parton. I got my first shot over the weekend and couldn't be more excited to get the second dose. My father, meanwhile, got the second dose and being the "I'll just push through" kind of guy that he is, continued to work on the house even with fever and exhaustion. Guys, listen to your body and rest when it tells you it's tired. Things can wait.


Monday, April 19, 2021

Learning About Tile

The weekend we were originally supposed to close on the 1850 Homestead there was an issue on the seller's end and we weren't able to close until the following Monday. So that weekend, instead of being able to start demo, my father and I went looking for tile inspiration. What we found was this gorgeous 48x48 porcelain tile. That was it, we had found it. 


Thursday, April 15, 2021

The Sunroom Progress

 We hope to be ready to list the 1850s Homestead in 4 weeks. Whether we are able to stick to that or are forced to push the list date further out we shall see. But I'm hopeful that a month from now I'll be staging the home.

Yesterday, while my father worked to complete the sunroom (below), I was up on the second floor in two of the bedrooms removing the baseboard and trim so that our electrician can get in and remove the knob and tube wiring and replace it with new wiring that's up to code.


Tuesday, April 6, 2021

The Carriage House is Coming Along

This post is purely to show off my father's handiwork. 

A month ago the carriage house/barn room was two levels (albeit a very unsecure second level). My father removed each board that made up the second level's floor (which are currently piled on the floor as we figure out how to reuse them) along with the beams and then reusing some of the wood he built these gorgeous trusses. I know this picture isn't the best quality but you can generally see them. 

Next the ceiling will be insulated and I think the plan is to cover it with shiplap so that the white ceiling brings more light to the room while staying true to the nature of the room. AND it'll make the trusses stand out spectacularly. 

~ Stephanie

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