Monday, June 11, 2018

Furniture Restoration

When my father and I walked through The Chalet the first day of demo, I claimed things left and right. A glass vase, plates, a decorative bowl, the vanity my sister painted blue, and this chair. It was greasy and gross but I knew it could be beautiful. It had potential and I could see it underneath the questionable stains. (My germ issues were in full effect as I transported it out of the house.)

I mean look at this detail in the woodwork! I couldn't possibly toss it into the dumpster. No way. You can't find that kind of character at TJMaxx or Wayfair. And it was sturdy. So I asked my mother to have it reupholstered as a gift to me. 

Well, it is finally restored and I am IN LOVE. Of course I chose a plaid fabric. Like you're surprised. Contrasted with the darker stain? Beauteous. I only wish it had a twin. Now let's just hope the cats don't take a particular liking to it, otherwise it'll have to be a permanent staging piece because I will not let it be a scratching post. 

And because this picture is just too adorable not to share, here's Nemo giving his paw of approval on the chair. He's a wee Scot so he really enjoys anything plaid.

~ Stephanie


Friday, June 8, 2018

Staging A Dated House, Part 3

So some other touches in the house... In the screened-in back porch I set up the owner's picnic table and benches and then gave my bestie Liv the items I wanted out there and let her stage it on her own. The tray was leftover from a gift basket that I stained. The silverware is wrapped with twine for an extra touch. It's simple, but also special. 

On the bar cart I set up for both tea and cocktails. You never know what your guests might want. That bottle stopper in the leaf dish has a scorpion in it. From my dad. Because apparently I like scorpions and I didn't know, but he did? Anywho. The tea set was found in the attic of The Chalet. Amazing find. 


Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Staging A Dated House, Part 2

So back to this dated, split ranch. The basement den room was being used as a bedroom/storage space. Personally, I'd turn it into a family/game room. It's closed off from the other family spaces so it affords privacy and could certainly be used as a bedroom, but there are already three bedrooms in this house. 


Monday, June 4, 2018

Staging A Dated House, Part 1

 When we were nearing the end of renovations on The Chalet, my father asked me why I wasn't staging other homes. My immediate response was that I didn't have the experience. Except, hang on a second, in fact I did have the experience. After The Chalet's open house a realtor gave me a call. She had a client who was ready to sell her split ranch after over forty years of living there. It was incredibly hard for this woman to leave this house and its memories behind so she wasn't willing to do anything drastic such as renovate the kitchen or bathrooms. My job was to transform the space from outdated into something fresh. So let's see how I did!

This is the table that was in the kitchen, along with some supremely outdated seats. The table is timeless, however, in the small kitchen it took up too much space. It cut off half the kitchen.


Monday, April 23, 2018

Staging: Painting Furniture

I spent Saturday working on some furniture. I recently cleaned out my childhood bedroom and instead of throwing out the bookcase, I decided to paint it so I can use it for staging. The stenciled hearts were a bit too specific (and dated) and I may need to use this bookcase in a bedroom or an office or a den. So I chose a neutral color - Benjamin Moore's Ol' Blue Eyes (yeah, I like blue).

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