Monday, December 14, 2009

My Very First Book Signing

Two Saturdays ago I had my first book signing. It was at the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, MA and was absolutely picturesque. Unfortunately, the weather was not so awesome and what started as rain turned to sleet and then to snow. Overall it was a great first and my favorite moment of the day came from a little nine year old named Aurora. I'd seen her peeking at me as her mother wandered around chatting with people and it wasn't until later that they came over to take a look at Summer At Nineteen and chat with me. It became clear that Aurora was set on having her mom buy my book but I had to gently insist that she not. I wouldn't recommend the book for anyone under the age of fifteen because of certain themes throughout. She looked absolutely heartbroken and pleaded with puppy dog eyes to no avail. I felt awful and had never realized I might have to talk people out of buying my book (isn't the point to sell it?), but I wouldn't want to expose her to heartbreak, divorce, drinking and sex at such a young age. Enjoy your childhood innocence. A while later Aurora came back with blushing downturned eyes and thrust a notebook paper into my hand. "Can I have your autograph?" She asked. "Of course!" I gushed and proceeded to write her this page-long note. I felt I owed her some sort of writing since she couldn't have the book.
So that was my first experience with a signing and I hope there are many more!


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