Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow (At Least That's What the Weatherman Said)

If you read yesterday's post you know I wasn't holding my breath. Except, I kind of lied and did. And also started dreaming about having an agent and writing for real with a team of people supporting me. I got carried away, I know that.
This morning, well afternoon really, I rolled over at 12:30 and decided with half the day gone that I'd better get up. Except for me, on a weekend, when I say I'm going to get up that really means I'm going to roll over and power up my laptop. As I write this (at 2:30 pm) I am still in bed under the covers. But I've been awake for two hours, does that count?
Anyways, I opened my email and saw a response from Ms. Agent and my heart dropped. I've been through this routine before where an agent expresses interest, reads a bit, then moves on. And that's what happened this morning. Except she confused the hell out of me by starting off with, "Thanks for sending this. I think the story idea is terrific". Don't build me up just to shoot me down, just tear it off like a band-aid. That would be best for me anyways.
So I felt at that point like the weather was reflecting my mood and I was tempted to just turn over and fall back asleep (which is totally possible, I assure you). But then I checked my new favorite blog, like I do every morning at work, and I started to tear up.
First, a little back story. When I wrote the review on "House Rules" a month ago I was looking for pics of the cover and stumbled upon this other book blog. I instantly fell in love. This boy, Robby, is 14 and AMAZING. I don't say that lightly. His is well spoken, reads so many books, and gives great (and honest) reviews. I sent him an email and was giddy like a school girl when he responded and said he'd be willing to review "Summer At Nineteen". To be honest, I thought for sure he'd hate it. For one he's a boy. Second, I was under the impression that my friends are all really convincing liars and might have said they loved it but secretly hated it and were only trying to spare my feelings. I do cry easily after all.
So back to this morning when I opened his blog and saw he'd written a review. On my book.

When he started off saying it would be a quick review my heart fell. I thought for sure he had hated it and was going to write a short glossed over review to spare my feelings. But I was so wrong. He got the book. Like, really got it. He felt the same way about Kaylee that I felt all through writing it. I loved her and at the same time I wanted to hurl her into the water. What he said about me as a writer was the nicest thing anyione has ever said about me. And it couldn't have been timed better with the rejection letter. One door closes and another opens, right? I could not have asked for a better review. Honestly. I never thought the word "brilliant" would ever be associated with me!

Robby, if you're reading this I thank you from the bottom of my heart: 1.) for writing an honest review and 2.) for validating me, for making me feel that while some agents will pass that there will be one, maybe not tomorrow or the next day but sometime in the future, that will fall in love with my writing and want to represent me. Thank you for being the beacon of light on this dreadful rainy day.

So I take a deep breath and I forge ahead. If you love reading then please, please, please read Robby's blog because he reads a LOT of books and writes insightful and heartfelt reviews. I might be biased though...


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