Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Procrastination Part Deux & Book 3

Don't get too excited. I haven't read a new book to review yet (just finished reading the 5th book in the Diana Gabaldon series) and am actually writing this as a form of procrastination from editing (it's just neverending!). I'm just really excited about something and had to share. A while back I wrote about the long list of yet-to-be-written books that are stored in my head. Well let's add on one more, shall we?
Last night while laying in bed, trying desperately to turn my brain off, an entire story literally popped into my head. First it was just two characters and how they were to meet and then it was the entire novel. In five minutes. I got out of bed, powered up the laptop and sent myselfr an email, lest I forget about it by morning. It spurted from this, and you're going to think I'm nuts but bear with me a moment. I have what I like to refer to as waking dreams. I am dreaming, but then my eyes open and I am fully conscious but before my eyes have a chance to adjust I see something, typically a male figure standing over me or across the room. In actuality it's a curtain or my dresser, but in that split second when I'm coming to it really looks like a person has materialized in my room and is watching over me. For those of you Twihards who remember the scene in Twilight where Bella wakes from a dream and sees Edward standing across the room and when she turns on the light he's not really there, that's what happens except that unfortunately there isn't a gorgeous vampire watching over me in my sleep, just a piece of furniture. This has happened since my senior year of college but since starting back up again a few months ago, the odd thing is (and now you're really going to think I've lost it) a part of me knows not to feel scared. It's jarring, waking up to think you see a face looking down at you, and yet I know this man in a cloak is not out to hurt me.
A month ago, to calm my nerves, I named this supposed ghost or what have you. His name is now Rupert. Since naming him he has not reappeared. A friend suggested he hated the name and so took off. I happen to think it's a fantastic name and so I'm inclined to disagree. But it was with Rupert in mind that the idea for this new novel materialized in my head. I had been planning on writing a completely different book next but this new idea has got me so excited and riled up that I've already created a playlist and so therefore must write it next. I'm know I'm disappointing one fan who is looking forward to one particular novel and to her I must say that I'm sorry, but when that book comes to fruition it will be just as marvelous and entertaining as you are imagining so hang in there. So anyways, without giving too much away (or have I already?) I will leave you to wonder what on earth I am writing next. Of course this won't happen until I actually complete the edit on the second book. I swear, I'm almost there.
Anywho, that is all for now. I must bid you adieu and get back to editing. Thanks for letting me procrastinate!


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