Friday, June 20, 2014

Book Birthday!

I feel a little weird writing this post because it's basically all about me (and I do not like attention on me).

A year ago today I published "I Want To Hold Your Hand" through:

Amazon & Smashwords

I had queried it for a year and after ample rejections figured why not self-publish and at least my friends and family could read it. I'm so glad I decided to self-publish because the reception it has received really warms my heart and makes me so happy. So thank you to everyone who has read it and written a review or passed it on to a friend to read.

So I think I'll do a little celebrating tonight (probably in the form of chocolate, duh) and I thank you all for your support over the past year! I am incredibly grateful.

So cheers to "I Want To Hold Your Hand"!



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  1. Love how amazing you've become at finding the perfect GIF for every occasion. Congrats on one year!


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