Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Book 2 Comes to an Official Close

I finished writing my second novel back in mid February and it was only last night that I finished editing. If you read this blog regularly you know two things about me: 1.) I cry very easily, usually at silly things like Visa commercials and, 2.) I am the queen of procrastination. But last night, with the option of watching a new episode of 90210 on my brain I pushed through, ignored my dvr, and completed the edit of my new book and no, I'm not telling you the title yet. I also cried. But did you expect anything less?
This novel is quite different from "Summer At Nineteen" and yet they both deal with heavy concepts. "Summer At Nineteen" explored familial relationships where divorce is involved as well as underage drinking, hooking up, and falling in love. This second novel dealt with superficial subjects like prom, graduation and high school cliques, but it also dealt with a very serious topic underlying the silliness of high school. I just don't want to give away too much. Anyways, I cried last night partly because of the content (which is surprising because I didn't cry while writing that scene originally) and also because this obsession I've had (and writing a book is absolutely an obsession) for the past year has finally come to an end. And that's sad. Don't get me wrong. I was very much ready to be done with it so that I could move on to my next obsession (which I am soooo obsessed with already and I haven't even started writing), but saying goodbye to something you love is hard, no?
As sad as it was to say goodbye one final time I am also beyond thrilled. I have completed two novels now. It's amazing, and a feat, and I'm so proud of myself for pushing through and getting it done, but that was all the easy part. It's getting someone to take a look at your book that sucks. And I mean majorly.
When I finished "Summer At Nineteen" I was thrilled. The hard part was completed (or so i naively thought) and now all I had to do was find an agent, get published and become a NYT's best selling author. I've always been naive, it's a serious fault. For the next year and a half I struggled with the automatic responses I got back from agents. I thought their lack of interest meant I was a crappy writer and had written a pointless story (even though in my heart I thought it was pretty decent). I mean why else would they pass up the chance to read my manuscript and maybe represent me? One agent got my hopes severely raised when she expressed interest and asked to read the first 50 pages. But later she passed saying it wasn't quite what she was looking to represent and my heart broke. I had a lot of self doubt during that time and I wondered if I had been totally delusional in my dream of being an author. But then a one-woman cheerleading team entered my life (cough, Molly), read my book and made me feel like I wasn't a shoddy writer and that I did have something that people would enjoy reading. So I went the self-publishing route and have been so happy I did. The only problem is, it's expensive to self-publish and I'm living beyond my means as is. So I'm sorry to tell you this, in case you've been hoping to get your hands on this next book soon, but unless I can snag myself a lit agent and get a publishing house to invest in me there won't be anything happening. The book will sit on my flash drive and gather dust. Don't get me wrong. Should that happen and no one gives me a chance I will of course continue to write. Because I have to. My fingers refuse to be idle and if you only knew what swirls around my head on a daily basis you'd know I have to write to empty the content all out. So I won't be giving up, but I hope you will cross your fingers for me on this endeavor to get to the next step. I think I can, I think I can...



  1. HOORAY for the completion of book number two! So proud of you and cannot wait to see this next gem in print! Onto book number three!

  2. Congratulations! I can't wait to read Summer At Nineteen and hopefully this one as well!
    Just keep going. That's all I can tell you. :]

  3. Thanks Robby! I hope you enjoy S@19 too!


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