Friday, October 20, 2017

The Chalet: Popcorn Ceilings

I drove to Trader Joe's on my way home from The Chalet last night, because let's be honest, TJ's has THE BEST cheeses at the lowest prices of any grocery store. A wedge of Brie for $3.65? Don't mind if I do. So I'm in the checkout line, the cashier scanning my items and he looks up at me and goes, "What have YOU been up to? You've got like a reverse raccoon thing going on."

Indeed, I had white dust covering my hair and face, except for where the goggles and mask had protected me. But that's what happens when you scrape popcorn ceilings.

I'd love for someone to explain to me why you'd install popcorn ceilings to begin with. I have never met an attractive popcorn ceiling. Sometimes I lay in bed staring at the ceiling of my apartment wondering, why? Why did someone do this to you? It's like scrunchies or wearing nylons and socks with sneakers. It's never looked good and it never will. 

The kitchen and bathrooms were spared the popcorn ceilings but they are everywhere else. Or were, before I scraped the two first floor bedrooms and upstairs. The stairwell has been particularly difficult, almost like they double-coated it, and the living room is also particularly unwilling to let go of its ceiling accoutrements. 

This isn't typical popcorn ceiling material either, it's sparkly. Probably pieces of glass mixed in. It coats everything, as evidenced below by looking like a carpet when that's actually a dark brown floor. It's heavy and coats everything and if I weren't wearing a facemask I'd for sure have troll bogies at the end of each day. Gross. 

So anywho, that's a little of what's been going on at the house. I'm sorry I've been so lack but I get home at night and just want my bed. But things are moving along so I'll have more posts soon. Promise.

~ S



  1. At first I read this as "I have never met an attractive person with a popcorn ceiling."

  2. Of COURSE the TJ's person commented on how you looked. RUDE. Can't a girl just scrape a ceiling in peace?!


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