Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Chalet: Tetanus & The Upstairs Bathroom

I'm sorry for not posting more regularly, but I find myself crawling into bed extra early every night. I was in bed at 7:45 Tuesday night. I'm old, I guess. Anywho, I have been neglecting the regular posts so I'll try harder going forward because a lot has changed in the house already. 

Fun fact: a Tetanus shot is good for ten years. That is, unless you actually puncture the skin. In that case it's not good after five. Bet you didn't know that.

So Tuesday while demo-ing the upstairs bathroom, my father and I were carrying out the sink, when I stepped on an upturned nail. My "fashion boots" only had a half inch sole and the nail was a couple inches long so naturally it went through the boot, my sock, and then my foot. I'd actually stepped on a nail earlier in the day that also went through my boot, but because I wasn't carrying something heavy at the time it didn't pierce my skin. Takeaway, don't step on nails. It's not a good feeling. But my wonderful father grabbed his first-aid kit and bandaged me all up and within twenty-four hours it was still sore but closed up. The spot where I got the tetanus shot actually hurts more.

Moving on from my being a weenie, the upstairs bathroom services two bedrooms, the master and a big second bedroom. Which means it's not technically a master bath. However, it's a really large space with a walk-in shower, toilet, vanity, small closet, and then a large walk-in closet with cedar (I think it's cedar?) panels. In my initial daydreams of the space I wanted to do a walk-in shower and a soaking tub. Are you familiar with these? The stuff of my dreams! But alas, we can't fit in a shower and a tub. 

But there's definitely space for a double vanity (this space was not being utilized properly and that rug was so dirty). It may look dark in there currently but if you go through past posts of before and after bathrooms you'll see that even just changing paint colors lightens up a room. So I have no doubt that when this bathroom is magically made new it will be light and bright.

And though I don't get a stunning soaker tub, my dad gets to keep the walk-in closet, which I suppose holds some value, it just isn't as glamorous. Can you see the potential for this room?

~ Stephanie



  1. I'm so excited to see how this giant bathroom transforms! And you are not a weenie. My last tetanus shot left my arm sore for 3-4 days!

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