Friday, November 3, 2017

The Chalet: Demo

Guys, I'm really sorry for the lack of posts for The Chalet. I'm just so tired, always. It's no excuse, I know. I'll try better.

So I realized I didn't really show any demo. I showed plenty of it on my Instagram, but not everyone has that app on their phone and therefore I should actually blog about it. So let's do that.

Let's begin in the basement. I feel weird calling it the basement because it's a floor and a half high, has huge sliding doors, and does not feel like a typical basement. An odd wall had been erected in the middle of it, not to the ceiling, creating two rooms and generally ruining what can be a huge family room. So I spent one morning tearing it down while my father was dealing with another thing upstairs. And now the "basement" is one gigantic room that would be perfect for hosting family. And you could get a gigantic Christmas tree in there! Maybe we won't sell it...

Moving up to the main floor, there's a full bath for the two first-floor bedrooms. I don't understand the purpose of M&M overlay in the window. Personally, that would just make me hungry every time I showered. But so here it is gutted. A tub/shower will go in, along with a new vanity and toilet. It's not a huge space but hopefully with new pieces and paint it'll feel larger.

So this. This vanity just spoke to me. It said, keep me, fix me up. But I live in a 375sq.ft. apartment with no storage space and I'm already keeping a lot of staging furniture at my father's house, so I just didn't feel like I could stick another large piece in his care. So sadly, I sold this beautiful buffet. The woman who bought it was thrilled so I think it went to a good home. And as we've discovered, there will always be more furniture left behind in future homes. 

The front door was less than desirable. Putrid pink and a broken window. Totally screams Welcome, right? We removed the shattered window and my father replaced it with a new one that let's in so much light. Now the stairs behind the window are so bright and the entryway is no longer dark and dreary. My dad wanted to replace the front door but it wasn't in bad shape, just not a nice color, so I repainted it a vibrant shade of blue. I'll share a picture of that later.

And lastly, the little sir came to stay with me for five days while his sister was being born, which meant he got to supervise at The Chalet for two days. This is the third house he's helped out at. He is not scared of power tools, he loves inspecting everything and greeting all the contractors, barking at the UPS truck as it drives by, and snoozing in my truck. He went for a ride to Lowes with my dad, He's not much of a conversationalist, and pretty much refused to come into the house. I get it. It smells gross (or it did, before painting started) and it's dirty. But he loved laying on the deck, enjoying the nice weather, and then popping his head in the door to make sure I was still nearby. I'm certainly biased, but he might be the best dog ever. 

Painting started this week and typically once that happens things start to look better, smell better, and then flooring can go in, bathrooms can be tiled, and then we're almost there. So it's coming along.

~ Stephanie


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  1. Back-tracking on the posts a little here, but always SO thankful to have the before photos. That M&M overlay... WHYYYYY?! Keep up the good work!


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