Monday, May 3, 2021

Floor Tile

Back in February when we did our initial planning of tile, I found this tile on display at the store. It was more intricate and expensive than any tile I'd worked with before but I knew we needed it for the upstairs bathroom floor. But then when we came back to purchase the big wall tiles it was gone, not on display or in stock. So I started looking for second best tile options, not loving any of them. But then, by some miracle, when we went in yesterday to make a decision it was magically back in stock!

When we got back to the house and my dad explained how I'd have to cut pieces and I realized it would be more intricate than previous tile jobs, I started to question my decision. But now, I'm obsessed. There's still a bunch of pieces that need cutting but those that have been laid down look so good. And the reason I wanted this tile so much is that unlike a lot of mosaic/patterned tile, I don't think this will look outdated in ten years. It'll still be classic and current. I can't wait to grout it (said no one ever) and see how it looks completed.

This house is going to be so hard to part with.

~ Stephanie



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