Friday, April 30, 2021

Lighting Is In!

I'd just like to start off this post by thanking everyone who made the vaccine possible - scientists, early test subjects, Dolly Parton. I got my first shot over the weekend and couldn't be more excited to get the second dose. My father, meanwhile, got the second dose and being the "I'll just push through" kind of guy that he is, continued to work on the house even with fever and exhaustion. Guys, listen to your body and rest when it tells you it's tired. Things can wait.

On to updates. We finally have lights up in the house! I wish I had ordered more of these lights than I did because the week after they arrived they sold out and were discontinued in the gold trim and we could have used more or maybe I would have saved them for another project. Anywho, they are in the kitchen, the sun room, the hallway, the walk-through pantry, and the front parlor and they look fantastic. Classic, clean lines with a modern feel. We are keeping the original front hall light because it's beautiful and old and balances out these modern lights and in the dining room there is a rustic chandelier to also remind the future owners about the house's history. 

And then in the bathrooms, both walk-in showers are tiled and the soaking tub is nearly there. I ended up picking a simple white tile to use as an accent in the first floor shower and the upstairs tub. I didn't want to pull the eye away from the gorgeous movement in the grey tiles, but we needed something to fill the space. Ripping another grey tile wouldn't have looked right.

 So here we are, hopefully 3 weeks away from being finished. Lots of grouting ahead (uuuugh). 

~ S



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