Saturday, August 3, 2019

Making Old Furniture New

Like most college graduates, I couldn't afford furniture. I was gifted items from family and friends, including a dresser that my mom found at a yard sale. It served its purpose but it never quite felt like my style. So recently I bought a new dresser and decided to gift my sister this dresser... once it was fixed up a bit.

First thing, I removed the handles and sanded the dresser. It didn't need much, just a little roughing so the paint would adhere well. This took all of ten minutes.

My sister picked Behr's Sparkling Emerald paint in a matte finish (personally, I'd have gone with a gloss but this is her gift so it was her call) and new handles. I applied three coats to each drawer but the dresser itself only needed two coats.

 From start to finish this took maybe an hour and a half. Once the paint was dry I screwed in the new handles while my sister ordered patterned contact paper for the drawers and voila! It looks like a completely different dresser. I'm obsessed. It looks so classic.

~ Stephanie


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