Monday, April 23, 2018

Staging: Painting Furniture

I spent Saturday working on some furniture. I recently cleaned out my childhood bedroom and instead of throwing out the bookcase, I decided to paint it so I can use it for staging. The stenciled hearts were a bit too specific (and dated) and I may need to use this bookcase in a bedroom or an office or a den. So I chose a neutral color - Benjamin Moore's Ol' Blue Eyes (yeah, I like blue).

I did two coats and since it was outside it didn't take very long to dry and now I can't wait to use it for future staging. 

I also was thinking about flowers. When you stage a house you go into it planning that the furniture may sit there for a month or two. It'd be great if the house has an offer inside of a week but often times it's longer. So using live flowers doesn't make sense. Fake flowers have come a long way and can look really lovely. But the problem is that they have metal stems and obviously you don't use water. So if you're using a clear vase people can tell they aren't real. So I painted some glass vases with a metallic spray paint. Super simple and they were dry within five minutes. 

A new coat of paint can make pretty much anything look new again. And now I can't wait to get some new artificial flowers and stage a house!

~ Stephanie



  1. I can't get over the metallic spray paint, so cool. And I love the look of the half-painted square vase too!

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