Friday, April 6, 2018

Spring Sales

It doesn't feel like Spring in Boston. In fact, there's snow predicted for this afternoon. I KNOW. But I am so ready for Spring, even if that means my seasonal allergies flare up. I just want to shed my winter wear and open my apartment windows and feel that sun on my skin. With Spring will come (hopefully) another home to renovate and as such I am always looking for sales on home decor. So I have compiled some of my current obsessions. You're welcome.

Hillsby Saffron Area Rug
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If you don't love an antique rug then I'm not sure what to do with you. Kidding. Sort of. You're allowed to love whatever decor you love. But I LOVE an antique rug. This one is from Wayfair and I need it. I know what you're thinking - But Stephanie hates color! There are some exceptions, and this rug is one of them. 

Labyrinth Rug
*Image courtesy of West Elm

Maybe you love color so your furniture is already colorful which means you need a simpler rug. Then might I suggest this beauty from West Elm. Simple, classy, works in any space. 

Bosch 3 Piece Bistro Set
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When it finally is Spring you'll likely want to dine outside. And if you're a city dweller you likely have limited outdoor space. The best part of this setup from Wayfair is that you can easily pack it up and tuck it away when it's not in use. 

Cercis 30" Bar Stool

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Admittedly, I am not a fan of purple. But I could be a fan for these bar stools. They come in a myriad of other colors, but the purple ones are on sale right now. These stools from Wayfair would be great if you have kids. Easy cleanup and they have backs. I hate when a barstool doesn't have a back, mostly because I'm prone to slouching. 

Ladder Bookcase
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Who doesn't have need of a bookcase? I dream of one day having a library in my house, but I currently only have one bookcase and it is jam-packed with books. How cute is this simple ladder bookcase from Wayfair? I love the mixed materials. I might have to buy it myself for staging. 

Alternate View
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I didn't realize I love round tables until I started using my uncle's table in staging. Farm tables have become the thing, which is fine, I love a beautiful farm table too. But there's something about a round table that brings a closeness to the meal. Also, in small spaces they just work better. This Pedestal Dining table from Pottery Barn is nearly half off right now. 

Sophia Village 16-Piece Dinnerware Set
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When cleaning out The Chalet's attic my dad discovered an entire set of dishes, tea cups, plates. They are gorgeous and antique and I'm obsessed. I cannot wait to use them for staging. Maybe that's not your thing. Maybe you like plain white, no-frills dinnerware. But maybe you do like a fancy bit of china. If so, I present you with Pottery Barn's Sophia Village 16-Piece Set. So classy. How cute is the butter dish! Yes please. 

Le Pavillion Kitchen Towel Set
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When staging The Chalet, I used Kate Spade hand towels that I found at TJMaxx/HomeGoods. I stumbled upon them and couldn't pass them up. Well, did you know that Kate Spade has an entire line of housewares through Wayfair? Personally, I'm obsessed with the different pairings of salt and pepper shakers. 

Happy shopping!
~ Stephanie


  1. Agree with you, the Kate Spade housewares are to die for. Also, how did I not know that you hate purple?? #TheMoreYouKnow

  2. I love that antique rug, colors and all! I also very much appreciate that you're talkin' bout some SALE items, since some of these places are pricey!

    1. Gurl, I am allllll about the sales. Never pay for anything full price!


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