Friday, January 26, 2018

The Chalet: Bedrooms

Every space on The Chalet made a major transformation. It may seem like the bedrooms were minor transformations. They just got new carpet and paint, light fixtures and heaters. It's not that drastic, it's cosmetic. But really, look at the before and after of this yellow room below and tell me that isn't a huge difference. Would you even want to sleep in that yellow room? It's a no for me.

Being across from the master bedroom, naturally I imagine this room being a nursery (or a princess room for you cats, am I right?) and that yellow would inspire nightmares for sure. But now, calm, serene, quiet. Perfect for a nursery (or cat palace). 

It occurs to me that I am not doing a very good job at all with before photos. Because this is what I took of the master and it's of the sliders, not even the room. But perhaps the reason behind that is I didn't want photographic evidence of the sketchy mattress that was residing in the center of the room. Stain city. Let's not go there.

But from what you can see, it was dark blue in there, not so light and bright. But now! And who wouldn't want to wake up, roll over, and see that view, those trees?

As for the first floor bedrooms, I didn't even take after photos. I'm falling apart, clearly, losing my marbles. So I'm using listing photos for the afters below. Regardless, you can see that there was only sub floor. What you don't see are the hundred of nail holes in the walls that had to be patched. I don't know what they hung up but there was a lot of it. 

I love how much light these bedrooms get. It didn't feel that way when we first bought the house, they felt so dark in there. But now they get great light pretty much all day. They're great size rooms for kids, plenty of space for a bed, dresser, desk, and chair. 

This one was so dark. Why would you paint your bedroom brown? No me gusta.

I just really love this house, how it turned out, how one of a kind it is. I know that whoever buys it will love it as much as I do because how could they not?

~ Stephanie


  1. It's so true that all the bedrooms get beautiful natural light. I am so jealous of that master bedroom balcony / deck!

  2. WOW, I forgot how bad those downstairs (and all) bedrooms were! I love the paint and carpet colors, and with the light... so inviting! I’m jealous of whoever gets this house!


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