Friday, September 16, 2016

Porchlandia: An Update on Floors

I walked into the house yesterday and fell in love (at first sight) with the flooring. I saw it in the store when we purchased it - pre-fab Character Red Oak - but it was like a whole new experience seeing it installed. 

On the last house we had hardwood already underneath the carpets in half the house. So in that case it made the most sense to bring someone in to continue the wood throughout, matching it to what was already there, sand it and stain it all. That was a long process but totally worth it. However, with absolutely no hardwood in this house we went the prefab hardwood route and I would absolutely do it again. 

Over the course of the day, while I sanded the radiators (I will be painting them tomorrow) our carpenter completed the living room and started in the hallway. This flooring does so much for the space - it lightens and brightens and makes me want to lay down and do snow angels. 

Do you remember how dark it was in the house when I first took pictures? My camera couldn't focus because of the lack of light. And now it's so bright. 

Also, doesn't the fireplace look fantastic against the hardwood? A thousand times better than that gross linoleum! I won't post pictures about the septic work that was going on because it might gross people out, but let me just tell you that after pumping it a guy had to CLIMB INTO THE SEPTIC to work on resealing what may have been a leak. If I climbed into a septic I would have to take a shower for a day, dry off, throw out that towel and then shower for another day before I felt clean enough. It just gave me shivers thinking about it.

So that's the latest. It's good to have my father back in the country, back at work, and he's saying he think we'll be done in three weeks so I guess the countdown is on. I can't wait to show you the finished product (and then bawl for a week because I don't want to sell it).




  1. The floors look so gorgeous. That living room is a real stunner!

  2. You Have made remarkable progress ! It is gorgeous! Between the magazine & the house you are quite the Superstar! So proud of you!


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