Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Porchlandia: A Little Landscaping, Part I

My father is currently on a twelve day vacation, leaving the flip in a bit of a pause. The siding is done, the painting looks amazing, and I've torn up the floors so the house is prepped for the new flooring to go in (Red Oak) and the kitchen cabinets to be installed, whenever that happens. With my father away I decided to start work on the outside of the house, the jungle of the front yard.

My vision is to have a walkway in front of the deck that leads up to the front door. In order to do that, my cousin is going to need to come in with his bobcat and clear out and even out what's in there. But first, because it was such a tangle of saplings and fallen trees, we went through and did a preliminary clearing.

The deck will eventually get redone, once my father returns, and when that happens it'll be great to have full access to the area instead of working with brambles everywhere. A clear work space makes thinking and working a lot easier. 

So now my cousin has a clear work space. Next weekend I hope to get him in there to work on tearing out the chain link fence and do what he does best. And this way when my dad comes back it won't be like the renovations were completely paused the entire time he was away. And wait until you see the completed siding. It's stunning. I have fallen even further in love with this house, if that's possible. 

That's the latest from Porchlandia. You can see more photos from the adventures of clearing out the front of the house on my instagram or by searching #Porchlandia or #daddydaughterflip. And three cheers for Olivia, best friend extraordinaire, who is a kickass helper.


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  1. Wow! You two really cleared it out. Can't wait to see the siding and the new deck.


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