Friday, October 2, 2015

Ranch House - Week Three

Week 1 of the flip...

Me: I think we should use a barn door for the master bath. It'll look really nice.
Dad: No, they're too expensive.
Me: But you made one for the last house. Couldn't you do it again?
Dad: It's about $300 just for the track. It's too expensive.

Week 3 of the flip...

(As my father cuts through the drywall to create the master bathroom door.)
Me: I really think we should do a barn door here. It'll look the best.
Dad: Yeah of course. That's what we'll do.
Me: What? But you said... Nevermind.

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This week we knew that the weather was going to turn. So knowing we'd be stuck inside on Wednesday, I tried to finish up the outside painting prior to the rainy day. First, let me say that I get nervous being more than a couple feet off the ground. A step stool is pretty much my threshold. And on this day my sister wasn't there to hold the base of the ladder and reassure me in her slightly annoyed tone that I'd be okay. But I bucked up and did it. I grabbed the tallest ladder we had and moving at a snails pace while reassuring myself out loud that I'd be okay, I managed to get all but the top two planks painted. The picture below doesn't do the height justice. Also, there are hornets nests in the eaves. I was basically being super brave.

Meanwhile, some of the guys continued on some inside demo while my father and his coworker from the mountain framed the deck. It's 6 inches longer than the deck we built on last year's house but otherwise the same.

Then Wednesday we walked in during the rain and found this leak in what will be the guest bathroom. My father crawled into the attic and then onto the roof looking for the leak but the roof looks sound. 

So since it was an indoor day, I was tasked with painting the ceilings. Let me just say that smoking is gross. It really is. Below you'll see the ceiling as it was, on the right, yellowed from cigarette smoke, and then on the left where I painted. Even the window frames are sticky from the tar in the cigarettes. If that's what your house looks like, just imagine what your lungs look like. Why would you do that to yourself?

While I was painting, my father sawed through the master bedroom wall to create what will be the bathroom door. Later, we went to Lowe's to pick up the tub for the guest bath and the shower base for the master. 

Let me just say that the people at Lowe's did not have their stuff together. We couldn't find the corresponding walls for the tub we were purchasing so for half an hour THREE employees wandered around the surrounding aisles (which we had already scoured) looking, and then consulted the computer which said there were three walls in stock. But even though they couldn't find them, they said they couldn't order more because the computer said they had three in stock. WHAT?! I may not have experience running a store but that's just bad business. So my father had to call another store. Get your sh*t together, Lowe's! 

Below is my "I'm annoyed that we've been in Lowe's for over an hour and also there's paint in my hair" face. Don't ask me how I got paint in my hair. 

It'll be a few days until I'm able to get back to the house to work so make sure you stop by next week to see the next update. Have a great weekend!



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  1. Loving reading these updates! So glad your idea for the barn door is happening. You totally rocked the ladder - fear, be gone!


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