Monday, September 28, 2015

Ranch House - Taking Down a Wall

From the beginning, before I even saw the place, my father was adamant that he wanted to take down the wall dividing the kitchen and living room and make the house open-concept. 

The issue with this was that the basement stairs dissect the space and also the walls were load-bearing, basically holding up the ceiling. He played with a few ideas before even broaching the idea of demo, toying with potential columns, but eventually settled on completely removing the walls and installing two beams to support the weight.

Because my upper body strength is... meager, shall we say, my father brought on a few guys he'd had work on the previous property. This was the day I spent painting the exterior with the sister.

Look at how opening it up completely changes the space! Obviously the hardwood is covered in dust from the sheetrock but can't you see how nicely it's going to come together? Already I'm falling in love with this house, again. If we ever do a house closer to Boston I may be in trouble.

Anywho, that's the latest and greatest on the Ranch House. As always, you can follow my photo documentation with #daddydaughterflip on Instagram. More to come...



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  1. This is awesome! Looks so different with that one decision.


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