Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fifty Shades of Embarassed

Yesterday morning I got up when my alarm went off and was exhausted, to the point where I thought in a dreamlike state, I wonder if I went into work an hour late whether anyone would notice.  And then I thought, maybe I should just stay home.  And it was such a glorious thought, staying in bed all day while it huffed and puffed and rained outside, that I did just that.  I stayed in bed (aside from the hour I went to the gym) all day long.  At six, I finally put down the book I was reading, having finished it, and got up to make dinner.  What book did I spend all day reading, you ask?  "Fifty Shades of Grey", I whisper back and then hide under my blanket.

I shouldn't be embarrassed to admit it when so many people around me (in the general public and also within my friends - today another coworker told me she'd read the trilogy) are reading them.  But I am.  Blushingly, will only admit it in a whisper, embarrassed.

Maybe it's the explicit content (at one point while reading yesterday I gagged, pulled the book away from my face and squirmed as I read about the "soft limits" described in the contract between two characters), although truthfully that's never bothered me before.

It may be  that the trilogy was derived from Twilight fan fiction and therefore I'm clearly not reading Bronte or Austen quality work.  I guess that's the point though, that the books are not meant to be top tier works, they are just mean to be saucy, exciting, fun reads.  I just wish Miss James had asked me to proof her manuscripts before publication.  The books take place in Washington state and yet James's true locale reaches through.  It's the anglophile in me who picks up on the numerous mannerisms not present in American English.  Perhaps to other readers it wasn't so noticeable, but to me it's a constant She/he wouldn't say that.  

Thank you Beans for being a perfect cuddle buddy all day and ignoring me when I shifted uncomfortably and dragged the blankets with me.

PS.  As embarrassed as I am... I'm already a quarter into the second book.  And I lost an hour of sleep because of it.  

Happy Reading!



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  1. It was brave of you to admit to reading it! I probably will, too, eventually. Eventually never comes, but it's a nice thought.


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