Tuesday, February 18, 2020

The Maynard Cape: Kitchen Slab

Somehow in the excitement of picking out the quartz slab we wanted for our counter tops (probably because we'd never been brought into the back room before and it was overwhelming how many beautiful options they had) I never took a photo. So when we went back this weekend to pay the deposit and schedule the template, I asked to take a second look. So here is the quartz we decided on.

Every single house we renovate makes me so acutely aware of how disgusting my rental is. I have one square foot of laminate (you know, the stuff that's kind of yellow but is supposed to be "cream") counter space. Maybe that's why I enjoy creating dream kitchens for others.

My dad started work on the shiplap living room wall. I read somewhere recently that "shiplap is over" and to that I have to say no. If you're going to shiplap your entire house please don't. But making a statement wall is always a great idea. It introduces a new texture to a room and changes things up from the usual drywall and in this living room in particular it adds a lot of character to an otherwise boring wall. Certain design choices, when done in moderation, never go out of style. 

~ Stephanie


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