Monday, September 10, 2018

Brimfield Fair

Saturday I made my maiden voyage to the Brimfield Fair. It was glorious, it was exhausting, it was successful. We had originally planned to go back in the Spring but the weather was horrible on the day we picked. So we waited until the September week (July felt like it would be too hot). The weather was perfect - overcast and cool, though the sun came out just as we were packing up to head home. 

There were so many good finds. I went only hoping to find two wood chairs, but I came home with a bunch more. And there were so many bigger pieces of furniture I only wish I could take home. So many farm tables, Singer tables, baskets upon baskets, and oversized French doors.

There were definitely trends - colored glass dishware was prevalent, as was cast iron pans. Aren't they gorgeous? I only wish I had the kitchen space. Someday.

There were so many great antique signs - a lot for Coca-Cola and Guinness. I could have filled a trailer with everything I wanted to take home. 

We stopped at j. tedder Design where iron work meets electrical in really stunning and original lighting fixtures. He is out of Georgia but comes to every Brimfield (3x a year, same spot) and ships, in case you're interested in ordering something. I wish my father and I were currently renovating a house so I could install one or more of the fixtures over a kitchen island. 

And then of course there was all manner of other items - d├ęcor for holidays, bird houses made out of license plates, artwork, clothing, jewelry both new and antique. It is easy to get overwhelmed at the size of the entire thing, but if you go early, wear walking shoes, and hydrate it's totally manageable. 

I ended up finding the exact chairs I was picturing in the first tent we entered so I quickly snagged them for way cheaper than I expected to pay and took them back to my truck. Bring cash when you go and feel free to haggle. I picked up a framed picture of antique toy trucks just to ask who was the owner of the tent and the guy stood up from the back and said, "Five dollars!" Obviously I bought it. 

There was an entire table of categorized postcards for $1-2. From every state, for different holidays. Obviously I found the cat section and got this adorable postcard. 

And then we stumbled upon a tend where a man made all these gorgeous console tables and storage benches and bureaus and I saw this bench and had to get it for myself (I might also use it for staging... we'll see). It was the stain that sold me. Had he chosen a different color I may not have been so smitten. It was also the feminine hinges. They're so delicate and lovely.

So anywho, it was a wonderful morning. We got there at 8 and were done by noon and the line of cars stuck in traffic hoping to get a parking spot was two miles long. So get there early or prepare to wait a very long time. I already can't wait to go again next year.

~ Stephanie


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  1. Had so much fun making our maiden voyage to Brimfield together! Can't wait to make this an annual tradition.


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