Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Chalet: Kitchen Reveal

A dark cave is how I would describe the kitchen before demo. It wasn't small, there was tons of cabinet space, but it was cut off from the rest of the house and so dark. So so dark.

We gutted it the first day and then began planning the layout we intended to have which my dad insisted had to include removing as much of that wall as possible so there'd be a sightline to the front door.

And while I initially thought we shouldn't fully remove the wall because of how much work that would entail and prolong the timeline. But my father insisted and in the end it was the right decision. The kitchen, living room, dining room are now one big room.

My father will tell you he designed the kitchen, but he also wanted grey cabinets and lighter countertops like in the previous house. I knew I wanted to try white shakers with a couple glass panels and black matte countertops. However, when we went shopping for the granite he did pick out this specific marble from a couple options, so let's give him that credit. 

He also went a little bananas with the appliances. In the center of the island is a wine fridge (who wouldn't want one of those, I mean really?) that is stunning. 

Then he insisted on a gas stove, which, as a baker and fairly decent cook I've never been a fan of. I don't know, the idea of gas just scares me, but it sure looks impressive. He also chose a microwave that doubles as a convection oven (personally I feel like that's just crazy ostentatious, but whatever - then again, we are trying to sell a high-end house).

And I really love the glass panes. I worried that without them the kitchen would just be too much white that it might feel too big, which is what my dad said when I suggested the size of the island. But then I thought to myself, You're crazy, no one will ever think the kitchen is too big. And certainly no one who's come through the house has said, Eew-no, this kitchen is just too... big. Ick. 

The backsplash is the same marble my dad used in the previous house, which I absolutely love. I think it's so classy and would look good in any kitchen and unlike some backsplashes it won't age out of what's current in ten years. It'll still be timeless. Easily the best space in the house. My only gripe is that I never get to cook in the kitchens we renovate.

~ Stephanie

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  1. This before & after is quite dramatic! Love the white cabinets, the counter tops and that breakfast bar! And of course, the wine fridge. Am I moving to Westford?


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