Monday, November 20, 2017

The Chalet: We Have Heat!

So it's three days until Thanksgiving. How did that happen? Where did Fall go? I'm having nightly stress dreams about grocery shopping and not finding the ingredients I need for Thanksgiving dinner. So sleep has been super fun. 

Quick social media story. My father recently joined Instagram. And then posted a story thinking he was creating a profile picture. Honest mistake if you've never used the app before. Anywho, so Thursday at lunch I gave him a tutorial on how to use it and then when I was at the house on Saturday, Brian proudly proclaimed to me that he'd posted his first Instagram. My father still has not posted a photo, but he now knows how to. 

Okay, so update on the house. The kitchen is primarily done, except for appliances needing to be installed (in the picture above you can see the front side of the island, the empty space being where a wine fridge will go) and the countertops have been measured and will be installed in a week! Eeek! I cannot wait to see them in the space. It's one thing to look at them outside in slabs and another to see them atop the cabinets. Fingers crossed that they look amazing.

Brian installed the fixtures I picked out for the cabinets and I love them. We usually use silver handles but I really wanted to try the black/white look in this home so I chose black handles with a touch of character. They look so good in-person and I think they go beautifully with the rustic wood around the island. Hopefully they match with the countertop!

So you know that saying fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me? You'd think I'd have learned that Lowe's and I are not meant to work together. But when I started looking for vanities I was intending to purposefully NOT use Lowe's. I started with Signature Hardware because we used them for Porchlandia's master vanity. But with the specifications we needed I couldn't find anything I loved. So then I moved on to Home Depot because I've bought multiple vanities from them and loved them. Graceland's vanities were from Home Depot and they were classic and really lovely. But I just couldn't find what I was looking for. So finally, warily mind you, I perused Lowe's and found two similar vanities, one for the top floor bathroom, one for the main floor bathroom, that I really liked. And the prices were enticing. So, I bought them, had them shipped to the Lowe's closest to The Chalet. They arrived on October 17th, but because I'm only at The Chalet one weekday and then on the weekend, I just didn't have time to go pick them up. So finally this past Saturday I convinced my dad that we needed to go pick them up. As is typical, we stood around waiting for awhile waiting for the employee who went looking for the vanities to return. Then when another employee asking if we needed help we sent him off to find out what the hold up was. Finally, they came out front with only one of the vanities. (As a quick aside, why don't stores like Lowe's and Home Depot have a separate area of the store for pick-ups? I can't be the only person who's thought about that, right?) Apparently, when the double vanity arrived OVER A MONTH AGO it was damaged coming off the truck. Again, I have to remind myself that this is a shame on me moment because I should have known better than to order through them. So my vanity was damaged OVER A MONTH AGO when coming off the truck, and instead of contacting me and saying, we're so sorry, the product was damaged and we need to reorder it for you, they let me wait until pick up to tell me it needs to be reordered. Lowe's, you're a hot mess and you need to get your act together. 

So that's the latest. We spent all weekend working at the house, yesterday being terrorized by a chippy (yes, I'm scared of small rodents). But the basement is really coming together and looking less like a scary drug den and more like a gorgeous family room. Again, I keep imagining a gigantic Christmas tree in there. Or two. Heck, you could fit a whole forest. Aside from replacing the doors, grouting, and installing the bathroom appliances, the top of the house is mostly done. We're... wow, we're nearly there. How did that happen? There's still a lot of little things to get done, but we're actually pretty close. I can almost see a vacation on the horizon...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends!
~ Stephanie



  1. The Lowest of the Lowe's.
    You should be a consultant to hardware stores and how they should be run. Charge $40/hour. Great, problem solved.

    1. If only I'd consulted you first I'd have titled this post using your pun!

    2. I'm SURE you'll have another opportunity to post about how terrible Lowe's is... you can use it then.

  2. LOWES!!! That would boil my blood.


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