Friday, October 28, 2016

Porchlandia: The Living Room... And That Fireplace

Let's revisit the living room now. Specifically, that beautiful fireplace that had seen better days. Over the course of the renovation the fireplace became a spot for sitting (because it was often cleaner than the floor) and the place where tools were piled.

It collected debris and dust and wasn't much to look at. The lights didn't work, the floor was peeling and gross, and the windows were boarded up. But now...

New lighting fixtures picked out from Lowe's by my father. The triangular window was removed above, new window panes installed in the window below. All the fireplace needed was a cleaning. It was everything else in the room that needed work.

The decorations are all great finds from TJMaxx/HomeGoods, although the decorative grasses to the right are courtesy of my sister, a la Michael's. I told her I wanted neutral colored decorative grasses and she got exactly what I was imagining. 

The coffee table you might remember. It was left behind at the Ranch House by the previous owner. I sanded it down and restained it. Good as new and it melds perfectly with the rustic feel of Porchlandia. The chairs were another TJMaxx/HomeGoods find. They are Beans's favorite napping spot and she's lost now that they're in Porchlandia for the time being. 

There's ample space for a couch along the far wall but my father refuses to let me take one of his couches for staging purposes. Ho hum. Hopefully potential buyers will realize the potential.

Don't you want to move in and immediately start a fire, curl up with a book (and a cat or two), and then host a dinner party? Look at how much light comes in, and these photos were taken on a rainy, cloudy day! 

Well, there you have it. My favorite living space to date. Oh and I would be remiss if I didn't mention (just in case she's reading this) that my sister made the two orange and red bouquets - one on the fireplace mantle and the other on the dining table. She used fake flowers from Michael's they add a lovely little pop of color. So thank you to her.


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  1. Love that Marissa helped you stage this room. I can totally picture it with a comfy coach, roaring fire - so cozy!


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