Monday, February 29, 2016

Procrastination Recipe: Cheese Fondue

So here's a quick story. Two years ago Molly and I decided to have a stay-in movie night at her place. It was cold, a perfect excuse to break out the fondue pot she'd been gifted when she bought her condo. I made a chocolate fondue and she decided to carry it to the living room for maximum movie-viewing pleasure but two steps into the living room she tripped on the rug and flung the chocolate EVERYWHERE. We call it the chocolate massacre of 2014. 

Two years later and Facebook decided to remind me of the anniversary of that tragic evening (we did salvage what was left lining the fondue pot but at that point, after scrubbing walls, coats and carpet, it was bittersweet) and I sent an email to Molly asking if she still had PTSD from it or could I try making a cheese fondue for her annual Oscar party. She thankfully decided to let me give it a go.

Guess what? Cheese fondue is incredibly easy to make (and you don't need a fondue pot) and a total crowd pleaser. 

1 cup white wine (as a rule, only use wine you'd actually drink)
juice of 1 lemon
1-2 cloves garlic
2 Tablespoons cornstarch
1 block Fontina
1 block Smoked Gouda
1 block Gruyere
* You can use what cheeses you love but stick close to Swiss cheeses

Shredding the cheese will make it melt quicker but I wasn't in the mood to grate so I cut all three cheeses into small cubes.

Cut your garlic cloves and run them across the bottom and insides of the pot you're using. This will help flavor the cheese (don't worry, it's not strong at all).

 Coat the cubes cheese with the cornstarch. This is your thickening agent so make sure it's evenly distributed across the cheese.

 In your fondue pot (or your sauce pan, if that's what you have) simmer the wine and lemon juice.

Gradually add in your cheese, stirring constantly until it starts to melt and thicken. The smoky outsides of the Gruyere and Gouda won't melt completely and that's fine. It leaves a slightly chunky cheese, which, if I'm being honest, I really enjoyed. Serve with whatever you like - crusty bread, apples, veggies, chips, your finger - it's delicious on everything. 



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