Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Summer At Nineteen

Happy Wednesday!

I happen to look at Amazon last Friday when a coworker commented that my first novel SUMMER AT NINETEEN was for sale for $342. Obviously no one is going to buy that because it's absolutely ridiculous, but please don't purchase the current version of SUMMER AT NINETEEN. It was taken out of print a few months ago, because I would like to go back, rework it and republish it in the near future, so whatever versions are "being sold" right now are likely not actually my book. So just sit tight and I will let you know when the new version is available in print and e-book.

Speaking of which, has anyone heard Dan and Shay's song "19 You & Me"? I got a text from a friend last week telling me that she'd found the perfect song for SUMMER AT NINETEEN's soundtrack should it ever be made into a movie. I love that my friends dream of that becoming a reality too. Such good friends I have.

Happy Reading!

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