Monday, March 9, 2020

Maynard Cape: Floor Guys Are In

I went to the house on Saturday to start grouting and discovered the floor guys were there sanding down the floors. So I went home and came back after they'd finished. I believe they have one more day of sanding to go before they start staining, but already the floors looking brand new. The whole house looks brand new and I'm having all these emotions about selling it. As I do with every house. 

While the floors are being refinished everything has to be out of the house, but a lot of things ended up in the bathroom I meant to grout. So I was only able to grout maybe four feet worth of the floor before I ran out of space. So I moved outside to the trashy addition to the garage. This overhang is made of odds and ends - plywood, metal poles, green plexiglass. So I started removing the plexiglass since it was so nice out (see the flowers already blooming, below) and then moved into the breezeway to tear up the disgusting threadbare carpet in there. Hopefully this week while the floors are being redone, my father will get to work on redoing the breezeway. Both doors need replacing and the wall between the breezeway and garage needs replacing (it's yellow and kind of cardboard-y). So we're getting there. Still a lot to be done but it feels really close.

~ Stephanie


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