Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Maynard Cape: Back From Vacation

I got back from a little vacation with friends in the early morning hours of Monday, slept for 6 hours, then headed over to the house to do some more tiling. Then, I ran out of tile (TWO TILES SHORT), so I spent a couple hours helping clean up the house and move everything into the basement so that the floor guys can come in and refinish the floors!!!!! There are not enough exclamations points to properly convey my excitement. When the floors get finished it really feels like we're getting to the end, even though there are a ton of smaller things that still need doing. But while the floor guys are in the house we can't really be there, so I quickly snapped two pics to show you the before. New treads are on the stairs and the next time I take this picture they will be stained and beautiful.

And then the living room, which already feels so special (if you just look at the fireplace and above) is going to be stunning when those floors are refinished (look at how dirty they are - but remember that was green shag carpet only two months ago). There currently sits a boxed-up sectional just waiting to go into this room. I cannot wait to stage it. And look at that mantle!

~ Stephanie


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