Wednesday, March 18, 2020

The Maynard Cape: These Are Dark Times

These are weird times, are they not? The company I work for has made us all work from home - indefinitely. And while I love being home with my cats, making a legit breakfast instead of grabbing something as I run out the door, I find myself living in my sweatpants and I can't believe I'm about to say this, it feels blasphemous, but I'm kind of over the sweats. I hope you're staying sane, washing your hands, and practicing social distancing. Me, I've been practicing social distancing for decades. I practically have a PhD in it. So I'm actually doing fine. 

Over the weekend we got a myriad of things done. I finished grouting the first floor bathroom floor ( obsessed) and then ended up grouting the shower tile in one go when I only intended to do a couple rows and then head home. But why not just complete a task while you're at it, no? This bathroom has had quite the makeover. And even with a dark floor tile it feels so much brighter than it did before. 

While I was grouting, my father was working on replacing the entrance to the breezeway between the garage and kitchen. The door that was there didn't lock, it was just a screen door, and the window was smashed. The stairs will be removed and replaced but in the interim, the new door not only protects from the elements but lets in a lot of light throughout the day.

This week has been so weird that I can't quite remember what else was done at the house. We picked up the new toilets, the kitchen backsplash, lights for bedrooms, unpacked the vanities, but that's all I can remember and that all happened in one day. Suffice it to say a lot of smaller items got taken care of and we're moving closer towards completion. 

~ Stephanie


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