Wednesday, January 15, 2020

The Maynard Cape: Coffered Ceiling Progression

For many professional, Sunday Scaries are a real thing. It's the anxiety and/or dread that arrives on a Sunday evening (or afternoon, really anytime over the weekend) at the realization that you will soon be heading back into the office. It's an awful feeling, but I've realized it only happens when you don't like your job. Because on the Sundays when I know I'll be working on the house come Monday morning, I do not have Sunday Scaries. In fact, I'm excited.

This past weekend I was at the house Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Which meant not sleeping in at all, and for me that is a HUGE deal because I am essentially a cat, and love my bed and love sleeping in and lounging in it for hours on end. I hit snooze for on average a half hour every morning. I don't want to get out of bed and my cats don't want me to either. But I didn't mind one iota getting up early all weekend in order to work on the house. (Let's revisit this and see how I feel in a few weeks when I'm grouting.)

Monday was spent entirely on continued work on the coffered ceiling in the living room (and answering questions on layout from the electrician who was roughing the new wires). My father would like me to again point out that this was his design idea and it is turning out really sharp looking so he deserves all the credit because I never would have come up with it. 

This is why we excel as a great design team - because one of us will suggest a design element that the other hadn't thought of and then the other will figure out the best way to execute it (ie. installing the coffered ceiling in the living room and not the dining room). I'm just saying it would have been wasted on the dining space, which is half the size of the living room. When it's complete, the living room is going to be stunning.

~ Stephanie



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    1. I want to do that entire wall around the fireplace in barn board and paint it white.


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