Monday, January 13, 2020

The Maynard Cape: Coffered Ceiling

Weekends are never full days at the house. It's usually just a couple hours in the morning at the house or going to a vendor to make choices about cabinets or tile, etc. Saturday morning I spent at the house with my dad, first checking out what had been done over the past two days while we weren't there (flooring had been installed in the kitchen, wallpaper had been scraped off in two bedrooms, and walls had been patched in preparation for paint). And then my dad explained he wanted to make a coffered ceiling in the dining room. After some discussion I convinced him that the better space to make such a ceiling was in the living room, because the space is much bigger and separate from the kitchen and dining spaces. So we started work on that until we ran out of supplies. 

Then I headed back into the city to rethink my initial tile choices for the bathrooms. Initially, I was planning on using this beautiful black and white patterned porcelain tile, but then I started worrying about whether potential buyers would find it as darling as I do and so I pivoted. Both bathrooms will now have a matte black tile on the floor (below). The wall tile is still tbd.

Then on Sunday, I dragged the sister to the house. She helped me remove some of the upstairs kitchen cabinets (there was an illegal apartment upstairs) and then she cleaned out the upstairs bedrooms in preparation for the electrician coming in while my father and I continued with the coffered ceiling. From the pictures you can see how thrilled she was to be helping out on her day off.

So that was the weekend update from the renovation house. We're moving slowly but coming along. I can't wait to start putting the house back together and seeing what that tile looks like covering an entire floor.

~ Stephanie


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