Friday, April 21, 2017

Graceland: The Kitchen Cabinets Arrived!!

The kitchen cabinets arrived today!! HEYO!! I have been worrying about this day for weeks - would the cabinets look good? Should we have gone with white shakers like we usually do? Finally I got to see what I'd chosen.

I couldn't wait to see the space transformed. It's one thing to imagine it in your head and another to see it physically in front of you. So my dad and our carpenter spent the day figuring out which pieces went where, since there were a lot of them and each with a specific place in the kitchen layout puzzle. 

Below is the bottom corner unit, which houses a lazy susan. My bestie and I like to discuss what makes a dream home for each of us. For me, it comes down to four items: off-street parking, in-unit laundry, and awesome shower (water pressure in my apartment is atrocious), and space for a lazy susan. When the day comes that I buy a property that has all those items I will probably cry and bust out some serious dance moves.

Anywho, so this is what Creme Maple Glaze cabinets look like! They're a bit more substantial than shakers, more detail on the front panels, and I chose dark hardware to match.

So the corner unit went in first (the lazy susan) and then my dad and Larry worked outward, leaving spaces for the fridge, microwave, dishwasher, and oven, which will go in later. Then after lunch, they put the island together.

The back of the island will likely get installed tomorrow, and then next week the counter guy can come measure for the counter tops (which will take a couple weeks to be made). And you might notice that the windows are different sizes (it's not an optical illusion), which needed a bit if finagling to make the cabinets work. But I believe when potential buyers walk in they will be dazzled by this kitchen. I can't wait to see the farm sink in all its glory in the island.

 And lastly, because this picture is just too cute, here's my dad and Nemo at the end of the day today. After lunch I went and picked Nemo up from home and brought him over so he could help out. He's not phased by power tools, which is just amazing, and he loves exploring so he walks all through the house, in the midst of everything. Although, he didn't like the sound of the sanding sponge I was using on the walls, but honestly it makes my skin crawl using it so I don't blame him. But my father is fond of Nemo and the feeling seems mutual.

So that's the latest. The painter starts on Saturday so it'll be bye-bye pink and purple rooms!!

~ Stephanie


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  1. Hooray for a beautiful cabinet choice! So excited to see the final kitchen transformation.


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