Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Graceland: A Particularly Adventurous Morning

It was an adventurous day today at Graceland. I wish so much that there'd been a film crew there to capture what went down because it was just ridiculous, the stuff of good tv. Nemo is with me this week while his mothers enjoy spring break in Iceland (le sigh). So he came to help me out.

Since there was a lot of noise out front (my cousin and uncle building the front path and stairs) and my dad and the electrician causing a ruckus upstairs, we (Nemo and I) spent the morning in the basement installing insulation along the far wall. Before there was just foundation and this faux wood paneling that must have been a laminate. Since we're finishing the basement and making a second family room it needed to be insulated. 

So I measured and cut pieces until the entire wall was done. It will now be covered by drywall, which will reduce noise, if say, you're hosting a sleepover party or watching a particularly close Bruins's game on a tv over the fireplace. 

But let's rewind a bit. Halfway through the morning, while on a call with my mother, my uncle yelled down the stairs that I needed to get out front. One of the goats had escaped and I was required to catch it. The goats - Atticus and Boo (I KNOW) - live across the street. I think I jinxed myself here, because on day one I made an Instagram video in which I said I would befriend the goats before the renovations were complete. Cut to me, chasing Atticus around the neighbors' yard, getting him nearly into the pen only to have Boo push his way out of the pen and now both goats are running rampant. Nemo was terrified and my dad scooped him up and put him in the house. Also, I think all the guys were afraid of the goats because only the septic guy's son was willing to help me. The rest stood by the trucks and watched. Granted, I was a little fearful of them too. The goats were big and had horns and I didn't know if they were prone to headbutting or kicking or what have you.

After probably twenty minutes of them getting further and further from their pen and getting closer to the busy road, we were able to coral the two of them back into it and locked it. Later, Atticus apparently got out again so I'm thinking he's learned to jump the five foot fence which, good on him. That's a feat.

So that was my morning. Never a dull day at a daddy-daughter flip house.



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  1. Gotta love a family that names their goats after classic American literature characters. I love that Nemo is helping this week! He's the cutest.


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