Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Little Thing Called Grammar

My mum was in the city yesterday and stopped by for dinner. While stopped at a gas station on the way to dinner she told me that while waiting at my apartment for me to get home from work she'd picked up my proof of I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND. It was laying on the coffee table and she'd yet to see it. So she started reading... and came upon a misspelled word. My mum knows I have a tendency to obsess over things, especially things I cannot change, and yet she still told me she'd found a mistake. I finished pumping the gas in silence and when I got back in the car went on a tirade asking why she would tell me about the misspelled word when I cannot change it now that the book is in print.

Naturally, I have been obsessing about it since last night.

When we got home from dinner my mum then picked up the proof, thumbed to the page and pointed out the mistake. All I can think is that this was payback for all the times I said, You're not going to wear that outfit, are you? Touche Mum, touche.

I feel I must apologize to you readers for whatever misspellings you may come across in my books. I know there are a handful in SUMMER AT NINETEEN. I'm afraid there may be more than just the one pointed out to me in I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND. I spent hours upon hours editing I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND but when you're so familiar with the material things sometimes slip through.

I know how frustrating it is to see a misspelling in a book you've purchased. It drives me nuts when I come across them in books I'm reading. So I am very sorry if the same happens to you. But please, please, please do not tell me if you do find mistakes. Because I will harp on it and feel awful and probably eat a pint of gelato as a result. Or bake unnecessary cookies.

Happy Reading!


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