Friday, June 8, 2018

Staging A Dated House, Part 3

So some other touches in the house... In the screened-in back porch I set up the owner's picnic table and benches and then gave my bestie Liv the items I wanted out there and let her stage it on her own. The tray was leftover from a gift basket that I stained. The silverware is wrapped with twine for an extra touch. It's simple, but also special. 

On the bar cart I set up for both tea and cocktails. You never know what your guests might want. That bottle stopper in the leaf dish has a scorpion in it. From my dad. Because apparently I like scorpions and I didn't know, but he did? Anywho. The tea set was found in the attic of The Chalet. Amazing find. 

Though a bathroom is old and dated, you can make it feel special with clean towels, flowers, new soaps. It's not much but it certainly helps. And a new, white shower curtain always brightens things up.

I'm the dingus who forgot books for the bookcase. And I call myself an author. Utterly pathetic. My grandfather built this bookcase and I'm glad to be repurposing it since it was looking a little sad in my childhood bedroom with those stenciled flowers on it. 

The last, but maybe most important touch, are the flower arrangements. My sister was none too happy that I went with primarily white flowers, but white flowers can be used in any season and being fake flowers I plan to use them again and again. Fake flowers have come a long way. They look so lifelike and there are some that even feel real. Don't get me wrong, I love buying flowers, real, live plants. But when staging a house it doesn't make sense to use real. A house might sit on the market for weeks or months and real flowers need maintenance and eventually die. So fake flowers are key.

So that's it, really. This was a wonderful house to stage, dated and therefore a bit of a challenge, but also in decent shape. The hardwoods are fantastic and new paint always helps make a home feel new. But it was up to me to bring in modern touches to make the house feel brighter and newer than it was. 

So now that this house is staged, I am looking forward to the next project. What challenges will it bring? What furniture will best represent the space? Will I remember to pack books? But maybe first, the bruise on my calf could have some time to heal. Bed frames are nasty business. They have a mind of their own.

~ Stephanie

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