Monday, June 11, 2018

Furniture Restoration

When my father and I walked through The Chalet the first day of demo, I claimed things left and right. A glass vase, plates, a decorative bowl, the vanity my sister painted blue, and this chair. It was greasy and gross but I knew it could be beautiful. It had potential and I could see it underneath the questionable stains. (My germ issues were in full effect as I transported it out of the house.)

I mean look at this detail in the woodwork! I couldn't possibly toss it into the dumpster. No way. You can't find that kind of character at TJMaxx or Wayfair. And it was sturdy. So I asked my mother to have it reupholstered as a gift to me. 

Well, it is finally restored and I am IN LOVE. Of course I chose a plaid fabric. Like you're surprised. Contrasted with the darker stain? Beauteous. I only wish it had a twin. Now let's just hope the cats don't take a particular liking to it, otherwise it'll have to be a permanent staging piece because I will not let it be a scratching post. 

And because this picture is just too adorable not to share, here's Nemo giving his paw of approval on the chair. He's a wee Scot so he really enjoys anything plaid.

~ Stephanie


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  1. Another refurbishing job that I would've been skeptical of until seeing it! You. You have a gift.


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