Monday, October 17, 2016

Porchlandia: A New Front Door

Do you remember Porchlandia's front door? It was the same shade of brown as the siding and let in minimal light. It was nothing special. Obviously it would need to be replaced.

We ended up deciding on a door similar to what we used in the last house. You never realize how expensive front doors are until you go looking through Lowes door aisle and fall in love with a $4,000 door. Obviously that's not in our budget so we settled on something less expensive but with a little flourish in the glass panes.

I knew I didn't want to leave it white but I wasn't sure exactly what color to paint it, after all, not everyone loves a bright yellow door. So I started leaning towards green. I googled "green front door" and all manner of green doors, however within the first fifty or so I stumbled upon an HGTV door that, lo and behold set against shakes. It was like fate. So I set out to find a similar color.

*Image from

I picked out Behr's Milkweed Pod S380-5M and asked my father to put a larger trim around the frame. Then I taped it up, getting flack from my cousin for overusing the tape, but I have a history of getting paint everywhere so better safe than paint on the deck or siding.

And there you have it, a brand new door that hopefully is neutral enough not to offend any potential buyers but will also catch people's eye and draw them in. Fingers crossed. And anyways, I love it.

Welcome mat from HomeGoods. Because they have the best stuff. Duh.



  1. It's incredible to see the transformation from inspiration photo to finished product. Those doors could be twins! Just gorgeous.


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