Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Girls' World Magazine: Part Four

A new issue of Girls' World is out!! On Monday on the way to Home Depot I made my father pull into Barnes & Noble so I could pop in and buy two issues (one for my favorite seven year old). I found the magazines quickly, jumped into line to checkout behind a woman who had roughly thirty books in her cart (and I thought buying five at a time was a bit much). She told me to go ahead of her because I only had two items. What's in Girls' World magazine? She asked. It's for seven to thirteen year olds, I explained. I'm actually buying it because I wrote the short story in it. And then the woman lost it in the best way possible. Oh my god, you wrote in a magazine? I flipped to the page so she could see. Ms. Blackburn, that's you? I don't even know you but I am so proud of you! And then she yelled for everyone in the vicinity to hear, This right here is a published author! The woman behind us in line offered her congratulations and then we continued chatting until I was called to the register. And then I literally skipped out of the store. 

Despite my profuse blushing, it was a really fun experience. I don't normally get reactions like that. Then again, when I check out with a GW magazine in hand I don't usually tell people why I'm buying it. 

I apologize for not having better pictures of the issue but Princess Bug kept sassing me as I tried to take them. Apparently she thinks being picked up is more important than me getting a good shot. I guess you'll just have to go out and buy your own copy!



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