Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Comments From A Reader

I was on the couch sipping wine and gabbing with a girlfriend last night when a message came through Instagram from a fellow Boston girl. She's one of the Boston bloggers I follow who happens to also have a cat (not that that means anything besides her being super cool in my opinion), and who helped me promote KISSING FROGS when it came out. She had finished reading FISH IN THE SEA and wanted to send me a pic of her reading by the pool (I had asked people to post pictures of themselves reading near the ocean or a pool etc., enjoying summer reading). Anywho, the exchange was as follows:

Her: Finished yesterday, LOVED IT. Figured you'd want this super-Boston photo of me reading poolside.

Me: Yay!!! So glad you loved it!!!

Her: It was so relatable it hurts. If Garcon was a real person, I'm pretty sure I know him and his name is actually (redacted). You've been warned.

Me: In fact, his name is (redacted) ;)

Her: There's more than one?! Pouring one out for all the women of the world who haven't met them yet...

First, YAYAYAYYA I'm so glad she loved it!!! Really, I just hope people aren't bored or rolling their eyes while reading. I want them to be entertained. But I never actually think they'll feel genuine emotions. I was interviewed by a blogger after KISSING FROGS was published and she told me that she'd been dealing with a family member's cancer diagnosis while reading it and that it had allowed her to be upset and cry and I was just floored that I could be giving people an emotional outlet but also causing them to feel things more than just a chuckle here and there.

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Second, to all the ladies out there that have encountered a Garcon in their life, who have fallen hard, splat on their face, and been left to wonder, why did I give my beautiful, tender heart to that jerk? I am truly sorry and I feel your pain. I can tell you that one day you'll look back on it and laugh or just give it an eyeroll from the safety of hindsight. 

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It might take you a while but you'll move on and be stronger for it. Or at least a bit more cautious. Maybe. Maybe not. But mostly, know that you're not alone. Elliott loved Garcon and she came out the other end crushing life. At least, I think owning a bookstore and working with her girlfriends is crushing it. Oh, and the condo. And the Stanley & Boo books. See? Crushing it. Totally living her best life.

On another note, my grandmother read FITS the week it was published and sent me an email saying she'd rather not know how I know about the things I write about. It's fiction, Nana. I made it all up in my head. I'm just that good at imagining sexy stuff since obviously I know nothing and have never seen a naked person in my life, not even myself.

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Happy Reading!!!

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