Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hopefully by now you've read KISSING FROGS and are about to dive into FISH IN THE SEA. Maybe you've already raced through it. If not, you should probably order both books and head to the beach or pool for some quality reading time. 

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. The Chapter in FISH IN THE SEA titled Meeting The Scot is the first thing I wrote in this series. After four years of telling Molly that I'd write the series, I finally sat down to start. But instead of starting at the beginning with KISSING FROGS, I wrote that chapter, about thirty pages worth. I felt like I had to write Charlie and Cam into existence before I went crazy. And once that was done, I skipped ahead and wrote a chapter that doesn't happen until the fourth book. Then I sent both chapters to my girlfriends and asked what they thought. Olivia responded that she'd laughed out loud during Meeting The Scot, which wasn't even a reaction I'd considered (I really don't think I'm funny) and I thought, Ok, I've got something here. Then I went back to the beginning and started writing KISSING FROGS. Since I started from the beginning I haven't gone out of order or jumped ahead. Sometimes I feel obsessively about a moment and need to write it down before I explode, but I really want to try and enjoy writing this series of books in order like the characters experience life. 

I'm about to start the first draft of the third book and I've been mulling over (and getting excited) a wedding that will take place in this book and all the drama that comes along with it and I want so much to skip ahead and just explore that. But no! I can't skip ahead. There are so many pages to write before I can get to that. There's Bauer to fall in love with, and drama with The Mother, and Shea's not quite herself, and Charlie to reconcile (or not) with. So for now, I will just not get much sleep as my brain toils away into the late hours thinking of dialogue, scenes, or the drama that is about to unfold. If you love the first two books then I am sure you'll love the third. Just give me a minute to write it.

Okay, I'm off! (Stretches fingers dramatically.)

Happy Reading!

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  1. Stretch those genius fingers and get to typing! I can't wait for book 3.


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