Friday, October 16, 2015

Ranch House - Week Five (Windows and Doors)

Five weeks. Wow. Time is flying and yet it feels like there's so much left to be done: drywall, final run of plumbing and electric, kitchen cabinets, countertops, flooring, painting, tiling, finishing the deck and siding, landscaping.

This week I was only there for two days. In that time two guys were working on shingling the farmer's porch roof, while my father and his carpenter removed all of the windows so the Harvey custom replacements could be installed. I spent the first morning removing crap from the basement (oh right, and the basement has to be redone as well) and then carrying all the window panes and frames from the house to the dumpster (we're currently on our fifth dumpster - so much refuse).

*Captain Morgan is my father. Not sure if you knew that.

*Note: When the trim is put on these are going to look sharp. As is they just look like... new windows without trim.

The living room picture window was so heavy that it took all five of us to install (I just stood on the inside of the house and made sure it didn't fall back).

My father and I purchased the two front doors and then the second day he and the carpenter installed the French doors from the dining room out to the back yard. Meanwhile, I plugged all the replacement windows with insulation and then had the super fun task of pulling carpet staples out of the floor. I only got through half of one bedroom as there's a staple every few inches through the middle and around the perimeter. Needle-nose pliers are my new bff.

And then Tuesday afternoon we went to the cabinet store and ordered our custom cabinets and it's really starting to come together (in my head) and I have fallen in love with this house. Again. We really need to flip a house closer to Boston so I can live in it.

Are you in love yet? Imagine sitting at the dining room table, eating Thanksgiving dinner with your family and looking out at a backyard strewn with orange, red and yellow leaves, a brisk wind blowing against the house. Now are you in love? Just wait until it's finished and I post those photos. 



  1. I am in love! Those French doors are gorgeous and the natural light is just pouring in. Can't wait to see the next phases as you move toward completion!

  2. house is looking great ! Lots of hard work is going to pay off !

    I love looking at the pictures, Steph.


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