Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Cupcakes & Couture

Kissing Frogs was published a little over a month ago. That seems crazy to me. Where has time gone? I was out in Harvard Square on Saturday and a friend of mine, who may have been slightly intoxicated at the time, kept introducing me to people as a "Best Selling Author", to which I apologetically shook my head behind her. I'm not a best selling author... yet. But I love her enthusiasm and support.

To everyone who has bought a copy of Kissing Frogs in the last month, has posted about it on Facebook, has tweeted about it or just mentioned it to a friend - thank you so, so much! Your support of my dream means the absolute world to me and has made me smile so much these past few weeks. Like this morning, when I checked Amazon and saw that six paperbacks had been purchased overnight. THANK YOU.

If you have not yet purchased it and would like to win an autographed copy and a #KissingFrogs tote then pop on over to Cupcakes & Couture where Amy has posted a giveaway! As a cat lady, I am thrilled that Amy's four-legged kiddos Phoebe and Oliver approved of the book. Or maybe just the fact that Amy wasn't moving for hours on end so they could snuggle with her.

Anywho, thank you all for reading my books and as always I'd love to hear what you think about Elliott, Stanley, Dimples... any of the characters either in comments here on the blog or in your reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Thank you again for your support!

Happy Reading!

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