Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Author Crush: Lauren Oliver

It's well known that I have an author crush on Lauren Oliver. I fell in love with "Before I Fall" and continued on with her "Delirium" Trilogy. The third book currently resides atop my pile of "To Be Read" books and it is remaining there because in some silly way I believe that if I don't read it and it stays in the pile then the story never really has to end. Makes sense, right? No? Okay, whatever.

The past month I've been following Lauren's blog posts regarding filming of the pilot episode of the Delirium trilogy, which was supposed to air on FOX in the fall.  You can follow her blog here. She has lots of giveaways and fun contests! Anyways, I happen to check it yesterday and saw that FOX has decided not to pick it up for the Fall tv season. WHAT THE HECK! I was really looking forward to the Fall season (and I already watch a ton of tv, but I would have made plenty of time for it) primarily because of this show, and now they aren't going to let me see it? I can't understand the reasoning behind it. The series has sold so many books and fans (including me) are obsessed with the concept and characters that this show would do amazingly well with its viewers. My immediate thought was, if it had been optioned to ABC Family (like Pretty Little Liars - which also originated from a book series) it would sky rocket for sure. Maybe FOX doesn't understand teen shows as well as ABC Family does (which has basically become the mecca for teen shows, and yes, I might watch them all even though I'm closing in on thirty).

My hope, and this may be a blind hope since I know nothing of how tv shows work and whether shows can bounce from one network to the next, is that another network (cough, ABC Family, cough) will pick it up. (PRETTY PLEASE!!!) Or maybe it'll get revamped into a movie instead of a series. Either way, I just really, really, really want to see this smart/fun/sad/loving/heartbreaking story on some size screen, big or small. It doesn't matter to me.

In other news, I had promised Cheerleader Molly a first draft for her trip this Friday. As of last night when I emailed her, I had 72 pages. Ugh. That's like a hiccup. I'm ashamed at how lazy I've been (and by lazy I mean busy doing other things). But I am heading down to South Carolina this weekend for a few days and like last year I am again bringing my laptop with me. Last year I was not actively working on a book and so I didn't end up doing anything except swim in the pool and read. This year, however, I have a goal ahead of me (rather soon, actually) so I will absolutely be doing writing every day. So while it stinks that I didn't get a full draft to Molly for her flights, when she gets back I hope to have a completed first draft. Fingers crossed. I wonder if in an effort to force myself to write I should not pack more than one book to read...

Happy Reading!


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