Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The Maynard Cape: Dining Room Before and After

I just want to preface that I have not altered these photos in any way. The dining really was that dark when we bought the house. The curtains, though sheer, did not help, it was separated from the kitchen by a wall, and again, the paint color. 

The dining space was divided by this weird half-wall and we think they were using the farther section for laundry. We removed the half-wall and our plumber installed new radiators, shored up the headers, but really aside from paint and adding trim/chair rail/wainscoting, we didn't do a ton to change this room. And yet, it feels like it's changed quite a bit. You could easily fit a 12-person table in this space. Imagine the family gatherings that will be held here. I'm so jealous.

~ Stephanie

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