Friday, March 29, 2019

The Harvard Ranch Reveal: Bedrooms

 Bedrooms. The first bedroom had weird linoleum tile that has been sort of painted on. There were two layers of tile, which I tore up one day while listening to the first season of the podcast Monster (and completely freaking myself out). Then we had the same flooring installed in this room as the kitchen.

The bedroom at the end of the hall could easily fit a queen bed, but I chose to do a twin bed with two end tables, as well as an armchair and table (hello reading nook). And there's still ample space for a desk and/or dresser. 

The bedroom in between these two I decided to make the master. It could fit a king but I went with a queen and side tables. I just need to show potential buyers what the room can look like. Here's a little secret: sometimes when I look at an empty room I too question whether certain furniture will fit. I struggled for a while deciding which room should have the look of the master because I wasn't sure which room the bed would fit in. That's the problem with an empty room, it's very deceiving. And then you put furniture in it and wonder why you ever thought a queen bed wouldn't fit.

~ Stephanie

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